Andrology and Erectile Dysfunction


What is Andrology?

Andrology is the branch of urology concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions specific to male fertility and the genital tract. This includes erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, problems related to low testosterone,  and male infertility. There are also some urinary problems unique to men for which you may need to see an andrology specialist.

Rupert Beck is an expert in the field of male sexual and reproductive healthcare.e.

How could an Andrology specialist help me?

Some of the most common Andrology issues and their typical treatments are listed below. Of course, since Andrology is a broad area of medicine, these are only a handful of the issues we can help you with. For any Andrology related concern, be sure to talk to our team in Bristol.

Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) – This is the inability to get and maintain an erection. There have been many advances in the treatment of erectile dysfunction over the last 10years, with new treatments becoming available each year.  Please see for further information regarding the treatment Mr. Beck offers.

Testosterone- Testosterone is the male hormone, which is mainly produced by the testes. Low levels of testosterone can result in poor libido and erectile dysfunction. Many other symptoms can also be caused by low testosterone levels. However the assessment and management of low testosterone levels is not straightforward and it is best to be seen by a specialist prior to starting on this testosterone replacement therapy.

Peyronie’s Disease – This is a common condition associated with the build-up of scar tissue in the penis. Initially for 6-12 months the erections maybe painful, later on the penis can become curved due to a build-up of scar tissue. There are several techniques an Andrology surgeon may use in cases of Peyronie’s disease to straighten out the penis, although it is important to say that whatever technique is used it is not possible to return the penis to its pre Peyronies state.  Mr Beck has been performing Nesbitt type procedures as well as grafting operations for the last 10years.

Infertility – Approximately 1 in 7 couples in the UK have difficulty conceiving, in a significant proportion part of the problem may relate to problems with sperm counts and sperm quality. In this situation it is important that the man is assessed by an andrologist to try and determine the underlying diagnosis and see if there is a treatable cause such as a varicocele. If there is not, Mr Beck can liaise with for assisted reproduction (e.g. IVF).

Vasectomy Reversal – For those who regret their earlier decision to undergo a vasectomy, there is usually a reasonable chance of success in reversal operations when performed by a skilled Andrology surgeon. The vas deferens tubes are re-joined to allow sperm to enter the semen again.  Mr Beck uses an operating microscope to perform a single layer anastomosis using very fine sutures. This operation takes about 2.5 hours and requires a general anaesthetic.

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